Kirk Franklin sweetly calls wife Tammy Franklin his “vaccine”

Someone grabs the tissue! Kirk Franklin came up with all the feelings in a recent post on his Instagram. The gospel singer and songwriter wrote a heartfelt message to his wife, Tammy Franklin, on Tuesday afternoon.

The post features a single selfie of Tammy wearing a floral patterned suit jacket. Underneath the jacket, he works a blush, V-neck shirt. Both her accessories and make-up are light, therefore, pay attention to the beauty that Franklin speaks of. He began by acknowledging their message frequently outside their home.

“I’ve gone a little farther lately and now the world is open,” Kirk wrote. “I always live with the guilt of leaving you and the kids. Every trip often feels like a double when I leave the ministry from my first ministry.”

He then reassures Tammy that losing him is not an option for him.

“I can’t lose you. I’ll always choose an empty house in an empty house,” Kirk wrote. What a mystery. “

Let’s kirk with romance! Later, he describes his love for spending time together during quarantine.

“I love when the world was off so I can only focus on you,” Kirk wrote.

Kick also explained why he chose to write the message. He makes it clear to Tammy that work will never take precedence over spending time with him.

“I’m writing this openly so that the whole universe and every monster understands that I will never go back to the man I was when I was my concubine,” Kirk wrote.

He continues to explain how he has a place in all his movements.

“Every flight, every hotel room, there will always be a space reserved for you,” Kirk wrote. “Say the word, and you’ll” fly away. “You get it. You’re my vaccine.”

I know it’s just Kirk! You better tell Tammy what good!

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