Kodak Black asked the judge for permission to leave Florida for medical treatment

Kodak Black has sought permission from a Florida judge to leave the state because he is on probation because his doctors believe he will benefit from spending the last 30 days of his treatment at a facility outside Florida.

According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, Kodak’s physicians and medical experts believe he will benefit from a program outside Florida, although location and details have not been released for security reasons.

Kodak’s team says its doctors think Kodak has successfully taken better shots with treatment in a different environment for a certain period of time.

The request comes just days after Kodak made some horrific tweets that yak fans were concerned about his mental health. He mentioned being sad and depressed as well as having problems with women and fame.

Since the explosion, Kodak has deleted all of his social media accounts, leaving a few tweets, including, “Sitting in my room crying and feeling like I’m killing myself.”

On appeal to the court, Kodak’s legal team is now seeking permission to attend an outpatient residential medical facility for the last days0 days of its court-directed residency program.

Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, told TMZ that they would like to transfer Kodak to another state, if and when the entry is agreed. Cohen declined to comment on Kodak’s failed drug test and his tweets.

Kodak failed a drug test and violated the conditions of his supervised release in his federal gun case and was therefore ordered to be treated.

The judge has not yet ruled on Kodak’s request. We will keep you posted.

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