Kodak Black & Supa Cindy Hosts an Event in Miami (Video)

If Kodak Black is going to do one thing, it will give back to its community! Yesterday, along with radio personality Supa Cindy, they hosted an event at Miami’s Ives Estate Park to spotlight more than 20 women who are currently battling or battling breast cancer. The women who attended the event received a journal with wigs, cash gifts and even a note from Kodak, according to L.ocal 10 news.

Speaking about the women at the Kodak event, “I know they will appreciate it. I want to show these women they are the queen, they are strong and they are going to go through it. Pray with them. We are going to overcome it together.” Teresa Hall, who is currently battling breast cancer, says the show means a lot to her. “It simply came to our notice then. It encourages me to go through this journey, to continue this journey, and it encourages me to witness other people that we can all survive, ”Teresa said.

Kodak has continued to provide grants throughout the year for worthy causes. As we previously reported in September, he Florida has donated $ 20,000 for the death of a police officer who died after the COVID-19 deal. Kodak Black was apparently so inspired by the story of Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Jennifer Sept that she donated money to her 2-year-old daughter to secure her future.

Even when he was behind bars in February, he offered to pay college tuition for the children of two FBI agents who were fatally shot in the line of duty. Kodak’s goal was to ensure that families affected by this loss do not have to worry about sending their children to college.

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