Koi Larry responded to the top female rappers in a Google search in 2021

Everyone wants to be above all. Earlier today, Koi Lerre Innnet was there when she posted a screenshot from Google where she searched for “Top Women’s Paper 2021K”. The list that was made up of three names showed that his name was on a so-called list. There was no good company with Cardi B and Megan Thi Stallion, but people thought there weren’t a few names on the list. Over the past few years, the female rap game has been on the rise, so it’s not wrong for people to question why names like Nicki Minaj and City Girls weren’t on the list.

Users pointed out that the list was not coming from the right source, when they saw that it came from Wikipedia, so Coy’s post also raised some eyebrows. If you are not aware of the platform, anyone can update the information on Wikipedia. After all the buzz of making his screenshot, the biggest “purr” reacts.

Cui tweeted, “Lol, who would you be angry with? Am I Google? The controversial list on Wikipedia was not necessarily false, but it’s not the same thing he searched for. It was actually about the nominees and winners of the 2021 BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.

Kai’s name was included in the original post, but it appears that his name was removed shortly after he responded. According to the BET website, Megan won, and was nominated along with Koi Lato, Sweetie, Doza Cat and Cardi B.

Several roommates called Coi to believe Wikipedia, although most people know that sight is not valid. One commented, “He responds to every issue.” Another commented, “I always react negatively when I’m rich, I don’t give a shit about anyone except the one I love.”

Rumiz, do you think Koi should have responded?

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