Kovavo and Zaida Chaves react after social media pinned Lil Baby as the secret bay of Sweetie

Sweety, Lil Baby, Jeddah Chaves and Kovavo were the stars of a Lil Tea Party on Sunday evening. And the food served by social media users and later celebrities must have been hot The tea party started with an Instagram post by the sweetheart and ended with a stern message on Lil Baby Twitter. Let’s get into it, Chile …

Saweetie Post Mystery Bae

Earlier on Sunday, Sweety shared the moment of distributing dozens of roses to him. He was present at a recording studio, but did not share any details or words about the sweet gesture.

A few hours later, the ‘IC’ rapper posted a photo dump on Instagram. The carousel-type post featured selfies, moments with fans, boudi-audi-audi shots, and Chanel’s purse sitting on the piano. However, this is the last jolt of the slider that allows social media detectives to work! Sweetie took a mirror selfie that caught him sitting on the lap of a mysterious boy. Almost immediately, social sites explode with the theory that users can be partially hidden.

The name of the social users is Lil Baby

From Nigerian artist olamide to 42 dugs, estimates keep rolling ৷ Then, a post on Lil Baby’s official Facebook account drew another picture Apparently, Lil Baby recently wore dark pants and black shoes that matched the look on Sweetie’s Mystery Boo. The Facebook post is dated November 18 with the caption “It’s just a handful of realities, people are proud.” It has a still image and a video of the baby showing his drops in the mirror The caption of the video reads “This is a cold world.” As expected, social media users put the two and the two together in the accent of shoes and pants. The side comparison quickly went viral.

Lil Baby deleted a tweet

As online users discuss the speculative pairing, Lil Baby took some time to clean up her Twitter account. Just a few days ago, he told fans on Twitter that “Baby is not dating anyone”. She confirmed her bachelor status by saying “I’m unmarried”. But, in the midst of this rumored romance explosion on Sunday night, the tweet disappeared.

Coavo enters the chat

After sipping the tea for about an hour, Kovavo shared his feelings about the situation. He wrote in his Instagram story “Not Tripin we can swap it #QCTheLabel”. Although Quavo is not named, users have run into the idea that he is talking about Jayda Cheaves. Joyda, you probably know, Lil Baby’s ex-girlfriend. He shares a little boy named Loyal with the rapper.

Hey Zaida Jeweler!

Shortly after Kovavor posted the message on The Shade Room Instagram, Joyda popped up on the page. Apparently, he liked the post featuring Kovavo’s advice and then disliked it. Later, Kovavo’s sister re-posted a picture of Joydar on her Instagram story and decided to add two cents to it.

Later in the evening, Joyda jumped on her Instagram story with a joke. He posted a picture of his trending status on Twitter and wrote “I don’t even ban.” Joyda also included a GIF response from a woman who ate popcorn.

Lil Baby speaks

Hours after social media users pinned her as a mystery boo, Lil Baby told her piece. The Atlanta artist jumped on Twitter and dropped two thoughts while keeping his word name-free.

Lil Baby tweeted “B **** s really weird. She goes on to say in a separate post,” Use BABY if you want Clout. “

And to wrap everything up, at some point throughout the whole failure, Sweety re-posted the carousel of his images. The second time the mysterious man, who was probably Lil Baby, was not included. Wow, what a party! * Wants to sip *

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