Kurt kobeinera childhood home is for sale in one.

Calling all fans of extreme cart kobeina! If you want to buy a house in his childhood he lived in front of nirbhana, and $ 279.900 to you, then you’re lucky.

Cobain’s home in Montesano, Washington — a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home built in 1908 হয়েছে has been listed on Redfin for just a few days. It is about 11 miles away from ayabaradina kobeinera hometown.

“Nostalgic piece of history and a splendid opportunity to become a homeowner updated! It’s just that this building once was home alone kobainera cart! You can see that the room is very unique, “Ship” room, “read the ad.

The “ship” room is a pretty sick one, with all the wood-wall hinges, a large opening in one of the walls that looks like it might have a bed. All other quarters, including the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, seem to have been renovated since Cobain spent his early days there.

As reported by Rolling stone, Cobain was 11 years old when he moved home, and where he and his family lived from 1978 to 1982. It was his father Don and when Don remarried, his wife and two children moved in and Cobain finally left to go in his grandparents’ trailer.

“We’ll run it through the weekend,” said riyelatara home. “I think some people are looking at it, to be honest. It is unique. It’s something no one knew about. “

Since the house is listed for the three apparently were offered.

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