Lady Gaga reacted at Gucci Slam House in Patrizia Regiani

Lady Gaga and Adam Driver: “House of Gucci” Cast vs. Real Family

There are a million reasons why actors often meet the real-life characters they portray, but when it comes down to it Patrizia Regiani, Lady Gaga Carried out clearly

Although there are a few weeks left to release Ridley ScottIts a crime biopic Gucci’s house, Gaga is already praying to fans of “Dad, Son and Gucci’s House”, thanks to some explosive trailers where he has soaked most of the spotlights. Although the performance is already attracting interested audiences, there is one woman who did not appreciate Gaga: Patrizia herself. “I’m rather annoyed that Lady Gaga is acting without the consideration and sensitivity to meet me in the new Ridley Scott film,” she told Italian wire service ANSA in March.

So what does the mother monster have to say about her decision? “I just felt like I could really do this story justice if I approached it in the eyes of a curious woman who is interested in having a journalistic attitude so that I can read in the lines of what’s happening in the movie scenes,” says Lady Gaga British Enjoy. “I mean, no one was going to tell me who Patrizia Gucci was. Not even Patricia Gucci.”

The actor, who acts as well Adam the driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino And the more brilliant Hollywood stars, based on Scott’s movies, didn’t even read the book. As Gaga explained, “I didn’t want something that would have an opinion that would color my thinking in any way.”

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