Lana Del Rey, Blue Banners: Album Review

Blue has always been the color of Lana del Rey.

Since its 2012 debut Born to die, It literally (jeans, pills, sky and ocean) and describes the singer’s blanket for emotion: peace, joy, depression and weakness.

On Blue Bannister, Dale Ray’s candid and captivating eighth studio LP এবং and his second album in seven months রঙ the color is ubiquitous because it brushes broken promises and rebirth across the depressed heart of the 36-year-old lyricist.

He said he would fix my weather, give me children, relieve my pain / and paint my banners blue., ”Dale Ray laments through a sudden headline track, referring to Tulsa, Oklahoma Police and its 2020 split LivePD Reality TV star Shawn Larkin.

However, Bannister Not a breakup record. This is an observational project, perhaps the most honest picture of Dale Ray’s own life. There is unfamiliar satisfaction here, as Dale Ray measures himself as a single woman with friends, family and her German Shepherds Tex and Mex (who appear on the cover of the album with duty).

In the cathartic “Violets for Roses” she sings of the epidemic lockdown and its pitiful consequences: “The girls take off their masks and walk around in summer clothes and it makes me very happy.” He has linked the Covid timeline to his own renaissance.

“Ever since I fell in love with you, I’ve fallen in love with you and boy, does it sound so sweet,” he continues through the same tune, on the light-trading piano. Like the subtle predecessor of March Chemtrails over the Country Club, Blue Bannister Picano for running 15 tracks, leaning on acoustic guitars and lollipop lightning lines, much detached from percussion.

But the songwriting is markedly more confident and influential, with a stronger sense of melody and less refined features.

Two of the best tracks on the record come out quickly: the excellent opener “Text Book”, a song of family trauma and betrayal, a soft drum kit jecked into its hook before sinking from the tempo grid of the second half of the chorus, picking up a perfect spot against Nancy Sinatra’s adjoining verses. Balanced

The album’s single, “Arcadia,” is a royal cut; An instant-classic addition to Dale Ray’s catalog, the singer has been romantic (and upset) for a decade, celebrating the small southern California town 23 miles east of Hollywood glamor. His aversion to LA, or at least his place in it, continues: “I’m not from the country of dates, so I know I can’t stay here.” Chemtrail – “I’m ready to leave LA / and I want you to come,” on Del Ray Cronus’s “Let Me Love You We’re Women.”

“Arcadia” also mentions wildfires in California, with Del Rey hitting several times Bannister, Further establishing the album’s sense of time and space. Dale Ray’s forthcoming revelation is clearly at the top of his mind: “Grenadine, separation, I like you so much … and if it’s over, I want a boyfriend,” he asked in a “black bathing suit.”

Although the album looks like “2021”, it’s part of a chronological patchwork, as some of the songs are as old as 2013; A cut that didn’t make it Ultraviolet The tracklist includes among them the dramatic “Cherry Blossom” and the more memorable “God of Nectar”, which again touches the thrill line: “I’m going wild and crazy like blue.”

There are also remnants of his scrapped collaborative album with UK pop supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets, which was apparently recorded in 2017 in some form. “Dealer,” a thrilling blues-tinged track, a dual (and former Rascal) frontman with dolls, Miles Kane, who took the first verse with volume, emotion and frustration he had never seen before with Dale Ray: “I don’t want to live, I want you I don’t want to give anything, because you will never give me anything back. ” It’s a moment of pure catharsis for Dale Ray – he’s never felt good.

Bannister Far from the brightest or most radio-friendly album ever produced by Dale Ray, but rarely have fans gotten this kind of crystal, autobiographical work from the watch star, who rejoiced in the cool distance of his first albums. Now, he feels more present, and much closer to his music.

It’s a welcome change, as well as a smart change in the staff, pop super producer Jack Antonoff (Taylor Swift, Lord, Pink) – who looked like he was going to run his course. Chemtrail -For a handful of producers and songwriters anchored mostly in the indie-rock world, and whose list of A-list collaborators is much shorter, minus hip-hop stalwart Mike Dean (Kenny West, Drake, Travis Scott).

The album is a refined, grounded work of modern America, a banner record of life at home, and a worthy successor to Lana Del Rey’s dazzling 2019 album. Norman fucking Rockwell! -A genre-smashing roadmap as long as he can explore, writing notes in the shade of his choice.

“I’ll show you how sadness can turn into happiness,” she sings the new ballad “Beautiful.” “I can turn blue into something beautiful.”

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