Lana del Rey rides John Deere and Paints ‘Blue Bannisters’ in a recent video

Lana del Rey has dropped the video for the title track from her upcoming record, Blue Bannister, Which is out this Friday.

To create a healthy home video, “Blue Bannisters” begins with a reflection of the opening song, “There’s a picture on the wall / John Dear on me.” Maintaining her extraordinarily playful and silky voice, Dale Ray’s aura turned away from her. Paradise, Heart-shaped goggles and cigarette smoking, the country’s darling’s day, wearing long cotton clothes and drawing each other’s feet by gathering her friends.

Carrying a team cover as an inspiration and inspiration to his girlfriends throughout this year’s released music Chemtrail, Dale Ray is comforted by the endless support of the women behind them: “I have a hole in my heart / All my women try and heal / They are doing a good job that makes me believe it’s not real.”

Blue Bannister Dale Ray’s eighth album, released on October 22. This is Dale Ray’s second record to be released this year since March. Chemtrails over the Country Club. He has already dropped a track with an alternate video from the upcoming record, “Arcadia”.

Blue Bannister Track list

1. Textbook
2. Blue Bannister
3. Arcadia
4. Interlude – The Trio
5. Black bathing suit
6. If you sleep with me
7. Beautiful
8. Violet for roses
9. Dealer
10. Lightning
11. Wildflower Wildfire
12. The nectar of the gods
13. Living Legends
14. Cherry Blossom
15. Sweet Carolina

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