Lariana Jackson sentenced to 10 years in prison for second-degree felony battery for hitting disabled teacher for viral tick-tock challenge

# Roommates, the viral “Slap a Teacher” tick-tack challenge got national headlines earlier this month when a disabled teacher was physically assaulted by a Louisiana high school student – and now that student is facing very serious consequences. Lariana Jackson, officially charged with involvement in the TickTack attack with a second-degree heinous battery, is serving a decade in prison.

DS WDSU6 reports that Lariana Jackson, 18, of Covington, Louisiana, is serving at least 10 years in prison for beating up a physically disabled teacher as part of the viral “Slap a Teacher” ticktack challenge. St. Tammy Parish District Attorney Warren Montgomery confirmed earlier this week that Jackson had been charged with fatal second-degree battery and cruelty to the weak. His hearing will be held in DecemberM 22 at 9 p.m.nd Judicial District Court.

Lariana Jackson was initially arrested in OctoberM A teacher at a nearby high school has been assaulted after the Covington Police Department responded to a call. According to authorities at the time, Jackson physically assaulted his disabled teacher-aged teacher for the “Slap a Teacher” challenge he promoted to the ticket. The teacher, who is currently unidentified, had to be treated at a local hospital after the attack due to injuries.

As we reported earlier, U.S. school districts are currently warning teachers about a violent new trend to tickets that could lead to very serious consequences, including student criminal complaints. Named the “Slap a Teacher” challenge, TickTock users are encouraging their teachers to slap and post attacks on popular social media platforms – and multiple incidents have already been reported, which will probably make many students feel expelled or bad.

In Springfield, Missouri, a teacher was slapped by a student and a South Carolina elementary school teacher was hit in the back of the head. Memos have been sent to teachers at schools in the United States to warn that attacks are on the rise and parents have been advised to monitor their children’s social media activity.

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