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The idea of ​​continuity has haunted my thoughts for the past few weeks. I’ve thrown this idea around exploring the underlying continuity despite the popular discussion about everything limited.

Although we have only five weeks left to go to San Diego, my husband and I share the lack of anxiety and the kind of nerves that can be expected for such drastic action. Instead, we find ourselves full of excitement, eager to jump into the unknown and ready to observe the new lives created for ourselves. We both equally noticed how smooth the passage felt to both of us during many discussions of our upcoming expedition. Why is it so easy to leave our chosen home when our children have grown up, a city that has treated us so well, an abundance of friends and an overall very comfortable life in New York City? Continuity. Let me explain.

Deciding to take a nine-month road trip was more than a change in our lives. The uninterrupted weaving between cities and states and the constant move away from home across the country actually establishes an ongoing fluidity in our lifestyles and ultimately our ability to choose and leave a city that we anchored to our roots. Within thirteen months (something had changed locally) during the epidemic our lives have become full of adaptability and a desire to continue. We could have easily decided to continue living in New York City but the constant excitement that comes with change inspires us to keep going.

As I think more deeply about this, I realize that so many of our decisions have a lasting impact on our overall lives. This awareness reveals how much control we actually have over our own destiny. Consider for a moment all the continuity of your life that has been stuck for several years. Then try to plant the source, the seed that this habit, routine, attitude, etc … that was by your side in the form of fruitful innovation. For example, if you consciously decide to be an active person, you are probably in great physical and mental shape, sleep well and include healthy foods in your diet. By staying fit, you probably have a continuum of positive things in your life: the power to go out with friends, the desire to spend time outside, and even a passion for travel. In return, you develop into a more attractive person who has a lot of experience to share, is more adept at other cultures, is less biased against others, and has such a sophisticated palate with dubbing in a variety of cuisines. There is uninterrupted progress towards an extraordinary life that stems from your commitment to stay active. When you take a moment to realize that each of your decisions will lead to a consistent, lasting, string of results, you can’t be ashamed of how much it has affected your own destiny.

Similarly, if we hold on to bad habits or helpless patterns, they also create a continuous routine that gives equally negative results. Negative conversations allow our minds to attack which leads to depressing results. Once we board the train that takes us to a land of self-loathing and self-doubt it is often an unpleasant, never ending endless journey, often to hell. Sometimes rides aren’t as extreme as drop-offs in hell. We keep going the wrong way. At the moment we either accept the direction we are heading, accept the results, or we clip them from continuing to prosper further.

There are countless threads that we all have tied to the root of our soul, each thread contains an infinite amount of memories, fears, doubts, experiences, adventures, love, failures, successes and much more. If we disconnect each thread, we will be able to easily find the original seed in each. Some threads will continue to unfold throughout our entire existence, following us as we approach death, and even improve beyond our death. Others, we either luckily, or foolish, prematurely clip. Whatever it is, whatever decision we have made, and will continue to make, will continue to be enriched by the continuity of what comes in some places after planting.

My family’s desire to hit the streets at a time when the world is collapsing, without any plans or goals, to get out of a big city in a big scary time, has brought us continued unexpected experiences, including an unexpected step country. The seeds of our road trip will hopefully blossom into new homes, new friends, new discoveries, and a whole new adventure. All these innovations will continue to evolve. Suddenly, life feels like a continuous stretch of years, possibilities and opportunities.

I am in no way proud of our experience on the road. Rather, I am still quite surprised at the decision to allow this idea to come to life. I have faced all my fears of traveling through a world crisis, with no plan, no destination, no end date, with three children. Doing so has given me more confidence, self-confidence, reliance on a higher power, and has taken me on a bold path to continued expeditions. If I chose to get stuck in my fears, I would be on the verge of constantly losing incredible opportunities. Either way, I landed on the thread of the Continuum spectrum. I am very happy that I have chosen the path of endless adventure instead of the path of constant excuses.

Not all efforts for the continuity of positive development end in the best way. There are some things we can’t control that are very clear. Then there are some things that we think we can actively control but that are not implemented the way we expected. For example, today was my last day to participate in a monthly community service drive that I have led for the past six years. It’s about sixty events that bring community members together as volunteers and support others in every imaginable power. Although I was thrilled that the program would run without me, I was faced with the decision of whether to continue a similar program in a new city. The harsh reality is that, if we do not actively pursue continuity in a particular area, the world will continue in that direction without us, all the time we are moving in another direction; A kind of derailment but we are always on track to continue whatever we cherish.

Since analyzing the thoughts I’m sharing, I’ve become extremely aware of the ongoing flow, which resonates from everything I think, say and do. The next time I say something, I will think more consciously about where these words will go and how they will affect the continuity of the stream in which they will land. When I press the snooze button to avoid the routine of waking up at 5:30 which increases the amount of physical and mental energy I need throughout the day, I remind myself when frustration comes in the middle of the afternoon, I choose sleep Continuing my day without practice. I know that if I like to communicate with my teenagers through constant screaming (those of you who are teenagers know how hard it is to refrain from screaming) that I will constantly create rifts between us with each scream. I also know that if I continue to see my life as a lot and a blessing that my life will be exactly the same. Conversely, if I choose to focus on all the shortcomings in my life, I will live a life of constant struggle and frustration. Everything we choose is absolutely a link to the continuity of the threads with which we are connected.

It is comforting to know that where we are at this moment in our lives, we have a lot to do with the continuity of the patterns we have established. It should be empowered, knowing that we can choose to let the complex situations of our lives blossom or let them be completely cut off, which basically does not help us to continue wasting. We are moving towards life and death at the same time while each of these realities owns its own real estate in a separate thread of our lives. We have the ability to constantly extend the moments of love and continue to remove what we don’t until our time is up. Yet, even in death, we live in the hearts and minds of the people we loved and in exchange for those who loved us. As you read these last words, look at the patterns you carry on in your own life and consider how they will continue to affect you. Every word, every thought, every dream, every gesture, every movie, every book, every friend, every lover, every bite, every dollar … every thing will have an uninterrupted effect. While writing, I continue to learn a lot about my own life. I will always ask you to look at our best ways of living because my biggest goal is that we continue to grow and prosper together.

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