Lewis Hamilton has given black a seat at the table of emerging designers

At the height of growing tensions and the disintegration of the functioning of conventional systems over the decades, the phrase “making blacks champions” was thrown around as if people were doing their job. In reality, there was a lack of real change in brands and the like, with the deadly practices and ideals that support the fashion industry being lacking – nothing but black class and forgiveness.

As many people are scared to see the Met Gala, with the presence of some of the top talents in various industries, black designers often become random. Star-studded event tables are primarily acquired by European brands and fashion houses, such as Christian Dior, Valentino and Prada. They then select talents to wear their clothes and sit at their respective tables. The price of a table ranges from $ 200,000 to $ 300,000, which partly excludes emerging and independent black designers from the conversation.

The driver of a British race car at the Met Gala last night Lewis Hamilton He picked up the sentence he had thrown so loosely last year. Hamilton bought his own table and invited three budding black designers to join him, including Jason Rembert of Elliott, Edwin Thompson of Theophilio and Kenneth Nicholson of the Namesek brand.

Other young black talents joined Hamilton and table designers, including celebrity stylists Law Roach, Shokari Richardson and Alton Mason, who wore custom Theophilio, and Kehlani, who wore Elliott. Hamilton himself donated a custom Kenneth Nicholson Italian black woolen suit jacket and trousers, side ert with a white embroidered lace long sleeve shirt.

After the biggest night of fashion, Hamilton continued to be proud of the designers and their work through her social media, noting that “these designers deserve the same moment as the other designers present at the other Met Gala. Sent a clear message that the fashion industry must invest in their talents they want to see they develop and lead, but if not, he is willing to give them a seat at the table.

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