Lil Baby complained that she was rarely thrown on the Braz stage during the show

Lil Baby is really living a rockstar these days.

The Atlanta paparazzi is officially on tour and is currently heading to the West Coast but he is already giving fans a taste of the travel life.

After a recent performance, Lil Baby shared a photo of a pair of bras that were probably thrown at her on stage during a recent performance.

The photo, which was shared on the baby’s Instagram story, showed a black bra with diamond-studded straps and a white lace bracelet.

She asked in the photo, “Why did I only get two bras,” expressing her dissatisfaction with the lack of undergarments on her.

Roommates quickly answered Lil Baby’s questions about whether she expected them, and the overall problem was that women were no longer throwing bras on stage because replacing them was too expensive.

“Okay, anyone who throws a diamond VS bra at her loses her mind which is an $ 80 bra and it’s a good bra !!” One roommate wrote, many agree with him.

“It’s one of those good Victoria’s Secret brews that was supposed to give her back,” another roommate shouted.

“That [an] The expensive bra finds the girl and returns the TS, ”said another.

Others mocked Lil Baby for trying to appeal to her audience as a sex symbol.

“Only 2? Was he expecting more?” Commented a roommate.

“I’m trying to figure out what sexy song she was performing to get these two!” Another said.

At the end of the day, the last time we checked Lil Baby is an unmarried man! It’s not clear if he and his on-off girlfriend Joyda Shaves are rekindling the romance or just having sex, but Aside from the fact that the bras are very expensive, there seems to be no harm in having some fun on the tour with Lil Baby fans.

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