Lil Duval predicts ‘BMF’ series will be “the best thing on TV for culture”

So far, we have established that Lil Duval has no filters. After she blasted fellow celebrities for limited support of street content, she continued her day – annoyed. Then on Saturday, Lil Duval doubled down on letting fans know that he had nothing personal against the ‘BMF’ or anyone associated with it.

As previously reported, Lil Duval was not impressed with Busy’s biopic premiere earlier this week. Busy’s film “My Struggle” describes the life of the star from his childhood. Among the celebrity guests in attendance were Pierre “P” Thomas, CEO of Quality Control, Rapper Trouble and Desi Banks, a rising comedian. Thus, the comedian used the low attendance as an opportunity to spread his support to the celebrities.

“I’m just saying we have to support the roads the way we support mainstream things,” wrote Lil Duval. “Especially in the south. Because they are not really intelligent with us they just treat us.

Shortly after Lil Duval’s criticism, 50 cents added his thoughts to the whole situation. She shared a picture of Lil Duval barefoot on her Instagram.

“Stupid what you’re doing on stage, I didn’t even invite you to n *** a,” 50 cents wrote in its caption. “Lol Lil Duval We are mainstream! Green Light Gang. ”

Lil Duval, perhaps feeling the tone of the joke, responded with 50 cents with her own sarcasm.

“I invited myself,” Lil Duval wrote in the caption of a re-post. “You can do it when you’re Lil Duval. Now go see the Boosie movie with the mainstream a **.”

Some time later, Lil Duval came back to tell fans that it’s all love for 50 cents work. He tweeted a prophecy saying “No, but actually the BMF series would be the best thing on TV for culture.”

He followed that comment with another humorous, yet humorous caption.

“It’s really good and it’s got a foothold to last at least a good 5 seasons,” writes Lil Duval. “It simply came to our notice then. And Mitch’s son get all twenty

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