Lil Duval trolls on social media saying she hasn’t used lotion all year

Chile! Lil Duval seems to be an expert at creating social media buzz. From her viral 2018 song “Laughter” to her daily Twitter thoughts, the entertainer reads the room, then adds her own temperament. Lately, Lil Duval has no plans to let people know God is on the ashes!

The artist from the comedian posted a picture of his empty flipper on his official Instagram page. Her legs slightly overlap while resting on a multi-colored surface. Like a true Instagram-killer, Lil Duval found the best light to show off her legs.

Lil Duval wrote in her caption, “Funny face about me, I’ve never done a pedicure in my life and I rarely wear lotion.”

In the picture, half of the dog’s head is in the corner, near the stumpers. It’s not clear what expression the dog is giving, but the trolling tone of the entertainer is quite clear.

“I know I haven’t applied any lotion this year. You all just wanted to see how much God cares for me, “wrote Lil Duval.

On Sunday afternoon, his Instagram post received some attention with more than 21,000 likes and more than 1,500 comments. Yet, he did not stick to these thoughts about his blessed foot. Instead, he followed posts about more viral content and updates to his music.

In a post, he shared a picture with his dog, which he revealed was only 16 months old, but everyone has grown up. In a few more posts on her Instagram, Lil Duval re-shared tweets that seem like internal thoughts.

Lil Duval tweeted, “I’m definitely looking at the new matrix in Sharm.”

She followed that Instagram update with a tweet about dating saying that “these unmarried men can’t find married men with unmarried women,” Lil Duval wrote.

Okay, we know for sure one thing that the comedian is going to say his point of view every time!

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