Lil Duval warns women about the dangers of online flexing, saying they are “an easy goal”

Lil Duval wakes up Tuesday morning with some tips for women who like to flex. From comedian to artist his usual venting site Twitter and Instagram to express his thoughts on the subject. Although he agrees that flexing is cool, Lil Duval warns that a woman is “an easy target for robbery”.

Lil Duval tweeted, “Women have been doing a lot of flexing lately that’s cool but I don’t think most of them fully understand what comes with it.” “You’re an easy target for robbery.”

It is not clear what persuaded Lil Duval to send this message. However, it didn’t get much attention on Twitter until Tuesday night with only 133 retweets and 237 likes. When people re-posted the tweet on his Instagram account, people seemed more vocal about it. He received more than 2,500 comments, both agreeing and issuing their own warnings.

“And Christmas is coming. They’ll try whatever you think,” Lil Duval wrote in her Instagram caption. “Yes you can get a pistol but it won’t stop you from trying them. Hey, do I know? I’m trying to save you from some trauma. “

Although Lil Duval did not provide any information to support her claim, news that women are being jacked has spread on social media. On Instagram, a woman at the handle named ab Sabrinauin recently shared the personal story of a man who posed as a full delivery guy to gain access to her home. (Remember, this is a personal story not confirmed by The Shade Room.)

Sabrina wrote in her caption, “Then he put flowers on the kitchen counter and walked around.” He started harassing me with a police taser for about 10 seconds, how I started pulling the ropes I ran up the stairs to the gun and he walked out, as it happened. Came out of the van. “

The woman revealed that the incident happened when she was at home with her children. Moreover, footage from his surveillance camera shows anyone watching his home for eight days before attempting to attack.

Roommates, what do you think of Lil Duval’s warning?

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