Lil Nass X says her debut album ‘Montero’ served as therapy for her

Lil Nass X’s marketing team is working overtime to promote her debut album “Montero”. From satirical billboards to an artificial, pregnant belly, they’ve found ways to put the project at the center of viral conversations. The album was finally distributed on Friday (for dreadful purposes) and Lil Nass X gave a different idea of ​​how “Montero” healed him.

Lil Nass X tweeted on Saturday, “I like to joke but on a serious note this album was therapy for me.”

And jokingly, sorting Lil Nas X means trolling. In addition to what has been mentioned before, he has shared fake congratulatory messages from celebrities. One of those fake messages actually named Obama as the sender of the baby shower basket. And no, it wasn’t real.

However, the campaign party did not end there. The day the album went down Lizo admitted He’s not a fan of Lil Nass X, but his new project is his “literally peeing, cuddling and cumming.” As it turns out, it was Lil Nas X trolling again using a link that generates the same tweet when clicked.

Some unexpected players have also joined the “Montero” promo game. The kids ’television character Teletubiz made fun of them by asking“ could they get a feature on the next album ”. Lil Nass X, combined with the power of humor, answered everyone with their roles in fictional collaborations.

“Okay bet,” Lil Nass X tweeted. “Me and Tinky on the Winky Hook, in Dipsi and Poe and we’ll let La Lao out.”

Yet, despite the controversial stir in the name of artistry and sales, Lil Nass X says “Montero” hit him with the benefits of therapy.

“I’ve started to heal a lot of uncontrollable wounds, I’ve had skeletons in my closet that I’ve never wanted, I’ve been fighting internally every day and crying constantly,” Montero said. “Really my baby. Thank you for the love.”

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