Lil Nass X’s father called Busy for his treatment of his son, Busy responded

Although Lil Nass has been able to keep an annoying attitude in the drama with X-Busy, her father is taking a different approach.

Lil Nass X and Busy may not have beef in the traditional sense, but since Busy has attacked the little rapper for his homosexuality, it’s safe to say they’re not on good terms.

Busy has repeatedly spoken out against Lil Nass X, accusing her of portraying a gay lifestyle through her music and performances when she knows she has small children as her fans. Although Lil Nass X has really resolved the criticism he received only from a general point of view, things come to mind this weekend when Lil Nass X trolls Busy, claiming that the two are working on a song together.

Busy has now fired back at a deleted tweet, chanting gay slogans on Lil Nass X and telling the 22-year-old to commit suicide.

People were disappointed with Busy’s response, telling him that he had taken things too far, and some even called for him to be canceled, even though Busi said he could not be canceled.

Then on Tuesday, Lil Nass X’s father apparently subdued Busy with a message he shared on his Instagram story, calling out the alleged hypocrisy of the rapper.

Lil Nasser’s father wrote, “How you’re a gangster rapper, drug addict, gun violence, humiliating women and uttering every video you talk about, you’re looking down on your old man for the kids.”

He continued, “The game is past you. We’re the real Bankhead here. It’s not like the guy who claims it,” was an excavation that some fans thought was specifically TI’s goal.

Busy Lil responded to Nass X’s father by tweeting, “Don’t be angry with me because your son came out like that … I know it hurts.”

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