Lil Phiz apologizes to Omrian on stage during the Millennium Journey (video)

Roommates, the millennial journey began last night with a bang. The concert was not only a hit, but what happened between Lil Fizz and Omrion has been headlining all day. If you were in the Los Angeles forum for the start of the Millennium Journey, you probably got a show that brought back all the feeling. But, the most heart-warming part was when Lil Fitz and Omrion met in front of a packed arena. While appearing on the set of B2K, Lil Fizz got up on stage and addressed the elephant in the room and apologized for his actions. If you recall, Phiz surprised fans after publicly dating April Jones, known as the mother of Omrion’s two children. Although their relationship was brief, it sparked an online debate about loyalty and faith and at the same time crowned Omrion as a restless king. I mean how can we forget ?!

Fitz took the stage and confirmed to Omrion a public apology for his actions, although he never mentioned April, he brought Omrion’s family. He added: “I did some f ** ked up sh * t with my brother. Some snakes a ** sh * t, and I’m not proud of it. So I want to say here, any unrest between you and your family or I humbly and sincerely apologize to you for the disturbance.

Check out the sensitive moment below:

April Jones has not yet commented on the situation. In February of this year, he met DD Dre, which spread dating rumors which he did not confirm or deny. Either way, it’s nice to see that everyone seems to be in a better place. We love to see it roommate!

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