Listen to Elvis Costello and Impostor’s organ-thumping new song ‘Magnificent Heart’

Elvis Costello and The Impostor have announced their upcoming new albums, If the boy’s name, And released the first single, “Magnificent Heart.” If the boy’s name Costello marks the sixth release from October 2020 and will arrive in January, 2022.

“This is the full title of the record If the boy’s name (and other children’s Story), ”said Costello. “‘IF,’ the nickname of your fictional friend; your secret self, who knows you deny everything, whom you blame for shattered crockery and the heart that you break, even your own. You know more about this ‘boy’ in a song of the same name. Can hear.

The 13-track record was produced by Sebastian Chris and Costello. It is available for pre-order on vinyl, CD, cassette and digitally with future releases on 8-track and flexi-disc.

“Whatever you take from these stories, I wrote them for you and to make the life of these songs a little less lonely, if you take care to dive a little deeper,” Costello said. “I started If the boy’s name With just one electric guitar, some sharp and flat, high heels and loaddown, five songs on the bright main key, and The Impostor continues to write a whole new record for playing. “

If the boy’s name Track list
1. Goodbye, okay

2. If the boy’s name

3. Penelope Huffpeni

4. Differences

5. What if I can’t give you anything but love?

6. Color red rose blue

7. Think of me as a friend

8. My Most Beautiful Mistake (Guest Voice by Nicole Atkins)

9. Magnificent Heart

10. People you love to hate

11. The death of magic thought

12. Trick out the truth

13. Mr. Crescent

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