Lizo shares a message about showing people’s opinions and kindness

Lizo took to Twitter to discuss opinions and received favors for each other on Monday afternoon.

He tweeted, “My biggest problem these days is not people’s opinions, it’s that people force their opinions on others – if you don’t get anything: no.”

Lizo continued, “We all have a human experience, we all deserve grace and patience and understanding.”

This is a now deleted tweet he posted on Sunday night while replying to a commenter. The tweet read, “I promote meditation, plant-based nutrition, flexibility and strength by choreographing high energy for 90 minutes straight, body confidence.” “[And] I’m literally dancing with your ‘comments’ in the video … get life. If I were Moby ur d ** k.

He followed, “Sometimes I wonder why I’m still doing it ** Love seems fake nowadays and hate is very real …”

Lizo’s tweet aroused a few responses. One person said, “And that’s how you clean ab *** h.”

Another tweeted, “And a role model for mental health and confidence! Because those who write (or say) such ignorance can form girls and women. The tweet continued, “Show me how to stand up for yourself and it’s okay to stand up for yourself!”

Although many supported it, some people made the opposite comment.

One person wrote, “You called it last week when you were tweeting live. She’s going to cry and will record it next. ”

One commenter added, “Sister, you have to lie down in the bed you made! You can’t continue to behave badly and expect everyone to accept it!”

Last week, Lizo took a number of precautionary measures against people who criticized her for wearing risky clothes.

Lizo went live on Instagram to respond, and she let her body speak for her. Turning to the camera, she takes off her pants, bends down, and separates her bare hip cheeks, and then she says to her haters, “Kiss my fat, Black A **!”

Rumiz, what do you think about all this?

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