London on the Track acts as a triple father while caring for her three children

Roommates, London on the Track was in the midst of a deadly drama with the mothers of her three children, as all the women, including Summer Walker, called her out for her parents ’lack of skill. Well, it looks like he’s stepping up his father’s responsibilities despite the criticism – and he’s just proving it by posting a video of his tribe of three.

Just a few weeks ago the mother of her children threw her way through the dirty social media shadows on social media on the London On the Track. Because of his alleged negative parenting, the lady slapped him, defended him, and hit him again.

Fast forward to the present and it appears that things with women are now citizen enough that London on the track can leave her children alone – and she recently proved a complete home by taking care of her youngest daughter Bubble, 6 months. (With ex-Summer Walker), eldest daughter Paris, 3 and London Jr., 8.

As we reported earlier this month, Ebony, a mother in Paris, complained that the only reason she could protect London from Summer Walker’s criticism was because she had promised to pay him. At the time, he wrote on social media, “The other day I talked about London was Cap. He promised that he would pay me to make me look beautiful and now he has broken acting.

He added, “I’m big enough to say that I was wrong to disagree with Summer on a lil money. Summer and I are still our difference or whatever, but at the end of the day we’ve got a ** baby dad in our deadbeat.” . “

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