Longtime defendant Bill Cosby has filed a 125 million lawsuit alleging that he drugged and repeatedly raped her.

A কমে 125 million * federal lawsuit has been filed against a female comedian Bill Kasby It is claimed that he started using drugs and sexual harassment during an alleged consultation that began Kasbi show Set

Law and crime Reports found legal documents showing them Lily Bernard, Who first indicted Cosby years ago and is now seeking significant punitive damages against him on charges of assault, battery, intentional mental torture and false imprisonment. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for New Jersey, alleges that Cosby “sexually assaulted, beat and drugged Mrs. Bernard in her spare time.”

Bernard claims in court documents that he first met Cosby on the set of “The Cosby Show” in July 1990 and offered to advise him as an actor. Cosby promised the actress that he would give her a speaking role on the show, but she would have to go through her training program. Bernard says that in one part of the program he answered “detailed questions about his life.”

The lawsuit further claims that while doing breathing and vocal exercises, Cosby grabbed Bernard’s breasts. When he protested, Kasby “showed innocence and behaved insultingly.”

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A month later, Bernard complained that Cosby held a meeting with an influential producer at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City that could “advance” his career.

Bernard says he took an alcohol-free drink and then he began to feel dizzy, weak and nauseous. He claims to have lost consciousness but remembers being told “no” when Kasby started undressing him. She claims that Kasbi woke up to rape her before she lost consciousness again.

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Cosby has spent more than two years in a Philadelphia-state prison serving three to ten years in prison. Earlier, Cosby had promised to serve all 10 years instead of confessing to the 2004 victim and the complainant. Andrea Constant.

The former comedian has been convicted of drug and indecent assault on his suburban home. In late 2015, when a prosecutor presented newly uncovered evidence, he was indicted.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court said the testimony tarnished the verdict, although the lower court deemed it appropriate to show a signature pattern of drug abuse and molestation of women. He was released in June.

Responding to the allegations, Kasbir’s spokesman Andrew Vyat said in a statement on Kasbir’s Instagram account: Available. Mr. Cosby continues to stand firm on his innocence and will fight vigorously against any charges against him and is willing and able to take this fight to the Supreme Court of the United States. The statement follows the hashtag #BillCosby #ConstitutionalRights #DueProcess.

Nonetheless, Bernard emphatically claims that he has suffered a number of traumatic events, including “traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, mental anguish and its physical consequences, nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia, severe physical pain and suffering, severe Mental aches and pains, embarrassment and multiple other permanent injuries.

Editor’s comment: * An earlier version of this story indicates that Mrs. Bernard is suing Mr. Cosby for $ 25 million. In fact, his lawsuit alleges he is suing for বড় 125 million in damages, interest, litigation costs and other such reliefs on five major charges.

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