Louisiana State Trooper says he is being fired after his colleagues accused him of killing a black man

According to CNN, a black state soldier from Louisiana who accused his colleagues of killing Ronald Green said he was told he would be fired.

Carl Cavalier was interviewed by CNN-accredited WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge last summer, which he believes was an internal cover-up to protect the troops involved in the Greens’ deaths.

Green died in May 2019 in a police chase with the Louisiana State Police (LSP) near the town of Monroe. Green’s family said police told them Green had died in a car accident, but body camera and dash camera video released to the public two years later showed Green kicking and punching him by police before he died in their custody.

Shortly after the video was released, Cavalier said he believed Green’s death needed to be arrested and claimed that those involved had become “unpunished” and “still patrolling the streets.” “We still have killers in our eyes, jobs,” he said.

The two jawans involved were reprimanded for not following the body-wearing camera procedure and the third was disqualified for violating several issues, including the use of force. According to LSP Super Colonel Lamar Davis, the soldier died in a car accident before being fired.

Since then, Cavalier has appeared in several media outlets where he has criticized the department for handling Green’s case. Later, he was on his way out of the department.

Louisiana State Police spokeswoman Melissa Matty said in a statement emailed to the Washington Post that “Trooper Cavalier has decided to proceed with the termination based on an administrative investigation that revealed he violated several departmental policies.” “It should be noted that our disciplined administrative process has not been finalized and Cavalier remains as an employee at this time.”

Cavalier was investigated internally, he revealed. The information was in a concluding letter received from State Police Super Lamar Davis

According to a letter received by CNN, the internal investigation claims that Cavalier violated the department’s policies regarding “public statements”, “legal orders,” “loyalty to the department,” “dissemination of information,” “seeking publicity,” and “conduct.” Not to be an officer. “

Cavalier filed a lawsuit against the LSP in September, alleging that his allegations had been ignored and that several of his seniors had racially discriminated against him year after year.

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