Magic Johnson says uninfected NBA players are leaving their team in the Kiri Irving news

Cookie Irving has been making headlines for weeks because he is one of the only undefeated players in the Brooklyn net. Kiri has made it clear that he is choosing not to be vaccinated, which would cost him not only thousands of dollars, but also likely to extend his contract.

As we reported earlier, Kiri has been suspended indefinitely and is not allowed to practice or play with his team until he has been fully vaccinated. Former NBA superstar and businessman Magic Johnson recently fell into this controversy while talking to a reporter for CBS Morning. Magic, who is fully vaccinated, explained that NBA players not only set an example for fans, but also run the risk of losing the championship if they don’t get shots.

“People listen to them, they follow them. It’s very important, “said Magic. “That’s why I got my two shots and made sure I put it on social media. I want to let my community know that it is safe first. ”

He continued to say that he would never refrain from getting vaccinated because it would lead his teammates to a compromise position in case they win in court.

“The last thing is. You told your teammates, ‘I’m here for you.’ “Well, if you don’t get vaccinated, you can’t stay there. You’re disappointing them and then it hurts our chances of winning the championship. I’ll never do that to my teammates.”

Kerry broke her silence after a recent report on her status in the NBA and revealed that she was making a choice and wanted it to be respected. Kerry is taking heat from many personalities, including Stephen A. Smith and Howard Stern.

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