Many states are choosing to celebrate Indigenous Day on Columbus Day National

As each year passes, the number of cities and states in favor of celebrating Indigenous Day on Columbus Day increases and is no different from 2021.

Federally recognized as Columbus Day holiday, which means places like post offices and banks are closed, some state and local governments are deciding not to observe it instead of completely changing the name and purpose of the October holiday.

CNN According to the report, 130 cities across the country have skipped Columbus Day for Indigenous Day. The states are also following in the footsteps of Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota and Vermont, who prefer to officially celebrate a version of the Indigenous people instead of or in addition to Columbus Day.

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In addition, Arizona, California, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington DC have celebrated Indigenous Day through declarations.

Home Secretary Dev Holland, He is a member of the Laguna Pueblo people, sent a special message on the occasion of Indigenous Day and is also running the Boston Marathon to honor his ancestors.

“On this special day, I am a victim of indigenous people and their families, Indian boarding schools, and I will run for the promise that our voices are being heard and that we will participate in a just and equitable future in this new era,” he wrote in an op-ed. Boston Globe.

Monday (October 11), Joe Biden The first U.S. president to issue a declaration on the occasion of Indigenous Peoples Day wrote that the holiday “celebrates the invaluable contribution and resilience of indigenous peoples, recognizes their inherent sovereignty and pledges to respect the federal government’s trust and treaty obligations.” CNN Report

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