Massey sold out in the conventional way for a B-Town hero

Vikrant Massey is an actor who always manages to attract attention no matter what the medium. Let her travel to Tele Saban, give her a big jump in the film and make a splash with her talent and then of course several of her OTT offers that are always waiting for her role and content. And while on screen he opted for different roles, the off-screen vendor made sure he chose the easy path.

In an exclusive interview with E-Times today, the sold-out Massey said how he gets the best films that come his way and yet he stays away from the conventional path for Bollywood heroes. The sold-out Massey shared his views on the same subject and said that it does not come naturally to him. Talking about the same thing, he added, “Looking fashionable all the time, spreading glamorous pictures and being active on social media is something that I am not a part of. These peripherals are very important today. I’ve been in the industry for over a decade, yet I don’t have a huge number of followers on social media. It’s not something I’m wailing about, but it’s something I’m recognizing as an important aspect today. I’m working on it, but within my comfort zone. I’d rather focus on my audience’s food through my priorities, which is acting. ”

Sold out Macy

Now it seems that the seller has made it very clear about his position in the conventional way and how the child is taking steps in his comfort. We love it. Massey, sold for a live-to-OTT offer, has been seen in various films throughout the year. Films like Hasin Dilruba, 1 P Fare, Ginny Wades Sunny have seen her in different roles and once again won the hearts of the audience. Love to see this talented boy on screen.

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