Maury Povic slides into Queen Key’s DM to give her and 600 Briggs a DNA test

Chile, Anise is changing the way it recruits for its show here! Apparently, like most of the world, Mauryo is well versed in social media. Either that or Maury hired a social media manager who puts his finger on the pulse of the parenting drama. Recently, rapper Quinn Key shared a screenshot where Maury sent her a message about joining the show.

Anise slides into the DM

The Chicago-born entertainer posted a screenshot of his Instagram direct message from Maury on his original page.

“Hey queen what! I saw an exchange of comments between you and 600Breezy, “Maury’s account was followed by a side-eye emoticon. “Wondering if you need my help with a free DNA test and want to attend my show? Let me know.”

Queen Key tagged Maury as “crazy” in her caption. He also listed a hefty price tag for his appearance “We give a million dollars.”

A troubled past

600Breezy and Queen Key had a troubled public past. From naughty name-calling to a leaked sex tape, the ex-couple wasn’t always the most beautiful to each other. According to The Shade Room Teens, the comments mentioned in Maury’s account occurred earlier this month, which appear to be October 1.

600Breezy personally posted a selfie with the caption to celebrate his recent victories And physical development.

“7 months clean, no fat-free pills, no hard drugs,” he wrote in his caption. “6’5 240 pounds, gym 3-4 times a week. Take care of yourself, don’t shorten your life by following the trend.”

Quinn responded to the key with a boastful response, saying, “He’s definitely going to call 600Breezy a deadbeat.”

“Someone tell him no one will give anything,” Quinn wrote. “You’re not a dead bit yet ** a.”

600Breezy kept his response a little clearer “BLOODTEST … it could be so easy.”

Both sides are referring to Queen Key’s triplet, which was born in March 2020. After giving birth to a daughter and two sons, Queen Key declared 600 Briggs as a father, which she quickly denied.

While Quinn is playing with key anise, 600Breezy may be open to joining the show. During the exchange of comments, the rapper tagged Maury and said, “Call Dana. I’m sick of this shit.”

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