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Interviews offer somewhat clever suggestions for maxo cream. Of course, like any rapper who climbs into the pantheon of the music industry, he knows that they are convenient if they are not completely needed to promote their music. But, when he spoke on the phone on an October afternoon a few weeks before the release of his third album, The weight of the world, Why bother listening to her music when you can only listen to her songs? After all, Maxo says, “When people ask me questions about some shit, I just say, ‘Jam my album. Because I’ll definitely publish everything there.’ And I’m not crazy,” he added. If you jam my album, you really feel me. “

Yes, Maxo Cream – the Houston rapper, all developed, voiced and terrifying flow – is a true storyteller. And that, if you listen to his music close enough, will reveal his true self. Namely, how a street hostel Amequanem Ogugua Biosah Jr. was born, he has consistently transformed from a self-proclaimed, self-proclaimed ‘shooter’ to one of the deadliest hip-hop musicians.

To that end, Maxo’s new album – which comes out October 1 and features guest appearances from everyone from Tyler, Creator to A7 AP Rocky and Don Toliver – features some of his most personal releases so far: “The weight of the world is on my shoulders. / Plus my grandmother is getting old / she got sick and got pneumonia / the doctors said don’t do it / I hope it won’t kill her. ”Later, in the big single“ Local Joker, ”he admits,“ Before I heard the word ‘romance’, I heard the word ‘ho’.

Still, tell Maxo that he has become more passionate about his music, and the man who took to the streets at the age of 13 and had the title of his first album 187 Maxo, Will immediately protect his street ID.

“Of course, I can show you my weaker side but don’t think for a second that I’m not Triga Maxo,” he said, referring to a nickname on his street. “Do you feel me? Never. Because that could be your biggest mistake. But I’m an older more mature Maxo. I love people and I don’t understand everyone is a hooligan. But everyone got into family problems. Everyone was leaving them.” “It’s relative. I’m a human being like everyone else.”

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For Maxo, it was an evolution to disappoint his guard and learn more than just pushing his chest through his rhyme, to be sure. Although her early albums were stories of street violence, of 2018 Punken, And especially next year’s epic Brandon Banks, Naming his father a street nickname, an MC was shown keen to pierce behind the scenes and express himself as a true poet.

“At first I didn’t do anything like that,” he said of his more sincere, transparent bar. “My shit was focused on my life and my street shit. I didn’t want to bring my people into it. [personal] Hey, do you feel me? “But as I got older, I realized that my family was part of me. And that shit is true.”

That’s why her dad – whose face is partially featured on the Brandon Banks album cover – pops up several times. Bank, And why The weight of the world He just continues to show his insights.

It is understood, he said, because, as Maxo notes, he is not out to glamorize street life. He just wants to be honest and truthful with his audience. “Because the goal at the end of the day is to get out on the street, bro,” he declares. “The goal was never to be on the road. Once gone, fuck them. Find out what the roads look like. At the end of the day, what if you die on the street? It’s like ‘fuck you.’ Because you lost your life on the street. The road does not love anyone. But damn, we like the road.

“Hell yes I grew up fast,” he continued. “Because the roads will do it with you.” When he sees that, at the age of 31, Maxo is not only of a different race, but also of a different generation and way of life than the papers of many contemporary young people: “Many of these kids have now grown up on the Internet, bro.

Maxo cream and dad are good
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One of the ways to expand her worldview on her new album is to capitalize on the opportunity to work with other artists. Tyler, for example, was jamming Maxo’s music in London with Rick Rubin when the rapper arrived to ask him and Maxo about working together. Tyler’s feature “Big Persona” is one of Maxo’s most successful songs, streaming more than 4.5 million on Spotify alone.

“The whole point of the features is to work with other artists and bring me out of my comfort zone,” Maxo explained. “That’s how you get better.”

But most of all, Maxo inspires Cream to develop into an artist who is nothing more than living his life. Good and ugly. Pleasant and tragic.

“Every project I do I go through life changes and experiences,” he says. I can’t make music without some fuss. “For example, time to put together The weight of the world, His brother died tragically. And then of course, there was COVID. “It was a lot, bro,” he says.

At the end of the day, though, he resisted The weight of the world, His most anticipated LP to date, “I think it’s another chapter of my life. I go on, I progress. Damn just get better. And then it does what it does.”

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