Megan Thi Stallion and Perdison Fontaine have celebrated their one year anniversary

Roommate, forget what people say about the coffeeing season! Megan Thi Stallion and Perdison Fontaine are here to set the ever-necessary Bewatch vibes. The couple recently shared intimate footage of the last year of their lives together on Instagram.

Megan shows her love

Megan started the public celebration vibes with 10 pictures of her and her people. The images vary from funny to intimate to sweet to Ranchi and everything in between. One thing is clear in the photos – the couple seems to be in love. Pardi, in particular, can’t keep our daughter Megan out of his hands. Multiple photos show her attached to Megan’s clasps, from light pressing to being used as a drink container.

Pictures of the couple are also seen, including jumping into a trampoline park and making silly faces at each other. Megan kept her caption simple for multi-photo posts.

“1 year fun with you,” he wrote.

He then moved on to his Instagram story and shared more footage. He has published more selfies and physically interactive moments using seven pictures. In the seventh picture, he wrote a message that “10 IG slides can’t match what I got with you.”

Pardi shows her love

And don’t even think for a moment that Pardi threw the romance ball. In fact, shortly after Megan’s initial post, Pardee told fans how excited she was to be able to celebrate a year of love with her boyfriend. She posted a short video clip on her Instagram story showing her dancing happily to Luther Vandros’s “Never Too Much” dance.

He wrote in white text in the video “Today is our anniversary … stay with us”.

Then, he shared a video of about a minute and a half showing their love. Like Megan, Pardy includes footage of their loving and joy-filled relationship, some unseen. The video also had Instagram posts and articles highlighting their relationship.

“I love you because your presence is a gift in itself,” Pardi said at the beginning of the video.

Let’s love black! Congratulations to the happy couple! In Pardi’s words, “to go forever.”

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