Meghan McCain Attacks ‘The View’ In Whoopi Goldberg And New Memories

A few months after leaving Scene, Meghan McCain A new memoir condemning his former co-hosts.

As part of the Variety, McCain says Bad Republican The iconic talk show “Drama Reproduction: Producer Can’t Control Host, Can’t Conflict or Control Leaks.” My idea on the show is that working on The View is the worst thing people can do. ”

She added, “I believe that all women and workers are working under conditions where the culture is so advanced, it feels like Quicksand.”

The former Fox News pundit did not stop there. He took aim at the moderator Hoopi GoldbergSays, “The thing about Hoopy though is that he puts so much energy into culture and television, and once he comes back to you, it can create an indomitable excitement at the table. I find it harder for me to handle his insanity and over the years. It’s getting thicker. ”

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McCain addressed the viral moments, as Goldberg told the 36-year-old, who is famous and repeatedly spoke to his co-hosts, “Daughter, please stop talking.” He came up with another moment where after a long diet from a conservative commentator, Hoopi responded with a simple “okay”.

McCain claimed he was “really hurt” and said in his memoirs, “Day after day, week after week, these things take a toll.”

He also complained about the original host Joy Bihar. When the 79-year-old said she didn’t miss him after going on maternity leave, McCain claimed he had “uncontrolled crying” off camera. According to him, he told the producers that he apologized – Behar refused.

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In addition, McCain credits himself SceneHas a high rating, “Scene The ratings I got in my four years would not have been as successful if I had not been as conservative co-hosts Elizabeth Haselbeck. ”

For many years, there were allegations that it was Meghan McCain who created a toxic work environment for the show. In January 2020, Page Six reported “more excitement” and the hosts “lost patience” with Megan McCain.

Meghan McCain Bad Republican Available audible on 21 October.

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