Meta is reportedly planning to open retail stores to create more metavers

# Roommates, just a week ago, social media users were shocked to learn that the hugely successful social media platform Facebook has officially changed to meet its corporate name — and now, with a new name change, the company has bigger plans on the horizon. According to a new report, Meta plans to open a retail store to further enhance its virtual reality metavers.

ভিত Sources inside NYTimes report that Meta has serious plans to open a collection of retail stores around the world. The concept of a meta retail store with virtual reality headsets and the upcoming augmented reality glasses will stand out to introduce users to devices made in the Meter Reality Labs department. Both devices are an integral part of Metavers, which has been described as a future digital world where people move from virtual to extended versions of reality almost seamlessly. Meta stores will help show that virtual reality and augmented reality can be just as founder Mark Zuckerberg envisioned it, fun and exciting.

Additionally, the expanded goal of Meta Stores is to make the world “more open and connected” while giving rise to specific emotions such as “curiosity, intimacy” and feeling “welcome”. Experimental headsets allow users to explore a “trial-free journey”. While it may seem out of the blue, meta retail stores have been under discussion for months, with initial plans starting last year.

If stores become a reality, it will make Meta the first technology company to exist, mostly digitally, as more than 3.5 billion people use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Meta is currently wrapping up its plans tightly, as a company spokesman declined to confirm or deny the retailer’s plans but said the company’s new virtual reality headset was “in high demand.”

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