Michael Blackson Says Dave Chappell “Snatches” Debbie In New Comedy Special

It’s no secret that Dave Chappell is one of the most honest comedians out there, and sometimes his comments lead people astray. That’s what happened to his new comedy special on Netflix, where Dave Rolling joked about Dobby’s recent comments at Loud.

As we reported earlier, Dave Chappell revealed that Dabby’s sarcasm about HIV was more harmful to his career with the law than his past, and Michael Blackson doesn’t think it was a good move for Dave to talk about it.

In a few tweets, Michael Blackson fired at Dave, saying his mention of Debbie’s involvement in a murder at Walmart in North Carolina was unnecessary.

“Dave Chappell didn’t help Debbie at all,” Michael wrote. “Dave Chappell snatched Debbie less. The LGBT didn’t know he had killed anyone, now they hate him more. The LGBT was self-defense.”

If you don’t get a chance to tune in to Dave’s new specialty, let us meet you. The shots taken in Dabby’s career don’t sit well with Chappell, who joked that insulting the LGBTQ community is better than killing a career-killer.

“A lot of the LGBTQ community doesn’t know Dabby’s history, he’s a wild guy,” Dave said. “He once shot a * gga and killed him at Walmart. Oh that’s true, Google it. Debbie shot a * gga at Walmart in North Carolina. Nothing bad happened in his career. Do you see where I’m going with this? In our country.” You can kill with a * gga shot but you don’t hurt the feelings of a gay person.

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