Mick Mill has complained that he was not paid for the music, saying he would make the record deal public

Wow! Mick Mill was apparently ten o’clock on Monday afternoon. The rapper took to his official Twitter account to stop some thoughts about coins made from his music. According to Mick, he made absolutely no cash and planned to show fans the record deal that got him there.

“I didn’t get the money from the music and I don’t know how much money the label gives me off,” Mick tweeted. “I need a lawyer as soon as possible !!!”

That initial tweet was deleted, but it’s not clear if Mick was referring to his contract under Atlantic or Mebach Music Group. It also remains unclear whether Mick has been speaking to his music throughout his career or from his latest project. As you already know, he recently released an album called ‘Expensive Pain’.

Over the weekend, Mick popped out of Madison Square Garden in New York City for a show. According to the complex, not only was the crowd rocking with Mick, he brought out a few art friends. That list includes: “Bobby Smurda, Lil Baby, Lil Dork, 42 ​​Doug, EST G. [and] Fivio Foreign.

Therefore, as stated earlier, there is no credible report as to what triggered the label explosion from Mick. Regardless, he didn’t stop there and chose to tweet what seemed to be a response to advice from commenters.

“Ask the record label? How much have you spent for me as an artist, ”Mick tweeted. “So you ask, how much do you like me as an artist? I’m going to make my record deal public by Monday to let the world see what these people are doing. “

Anyone who was skeptical about his message followed humbly.

He tweeted, “Ima war is a ruthless vibe for everything mine.”

Another artist is talking

Shortly after posting her tweet, singer Keshia Cole stepped into the comments section of The Shade Room.

“No record received a check from the label, duration. But I thought about it the other day, “Cassia commented.” It’s not wrong to get an audit attorney so you know where every dollar has gone বিশ্বাস trust me. A lot of things are “lost in the sauce.”

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