Mick Mill shares his experience flying on a private jet after being accused of smoking weeds (video)

On Friday, Mick Mill shared a video where he was talking to an airline official who was apparently accused of smoking weeds on his and his friends’ jets.

Posting a video of his story, Mick captioned the video and said, “He asked if we were smoking weeds on his plane … We just got up 20 seconds ago … The racist py slowed me down all day ???” He then continued and said, “I need to book a plane to NYC as soon as possible !! I knew his strengths from the moment we got up. [was] Racists just see which company has the jet down[.]”

While talking to the officer, Mick was adamant that they didn’t have a chance to smoke weeds because they had just gotten on the jet. After taking part in the flight, he said, “Trying to solve this problem,” Mick responded that he wanted to get off the plane, and he added, “You’re behaving really racist now.”

Some people commented and said, “Yeah, I’ll be devastated, I don’t believe anyone will blow me away after this howl.[.]”Someone else said, ‘lmao was smoking before he got on the plane and it’s nothing in his business.’

Someone else asked, “How does it make him racist to smell so much?”

Most recently, Mick Mill tweeted that he doesn’t have the best record deal. He took to his Twitter account to stop some thinking about the coins he made from his music. According to Mick, he made absolutely nothing cash and planned to show fans the record deal that got him there.

“I didn’t get the money from the music and I don’t know how much money the label gives me off,” Mick tweeted. “I need a lawyer as soon as possible !!!”

That initial tweet was deleted, but it’s not clear if Mick was referring to his contract under Atlantic or Mebach Music Group. It remains unclear whether Mick has been speaking to his music throughout his career or from his latest project. As you already know, he recently released an album called ‘Expensive Pain’.

Roomies, what do you think about this?

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