Mitra, DC Comics has launched an initiative to support various writers in the news

Ally Bank is launching an innovative program with Warmermedia and DC Comics to support and promote black and diverse authors and artists in the comic book industry.

The Milestone Initiative event was announced on Saturday (October 1) at the DC Fandom in Barbank, California. Dennis Cowan And producer Reggie Hoodlin, According to a WarnerMedia news release. The program gives potential writers and artists the opportunity to apply for a one-week personal training seminar, followed by an eight-week vertical technical training course, where participants can sharpen their storytelling skills and become the next wave of the next comic book. The author, stated in the release. At the end of the summit, participants will receive grants through The Milestone Fund.

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“From the outset, representation, influence and mentorship have always been at the center of Milestone Media, and we are proud and excited to be with DC, Warner Media and Ally Next Generation DC and The Milestone Initiative.

The Milestone Initiative is DC’s Next Generation DC’s first program, talent recruitment and development program designed to increase visibility and opportunities for young writers, creators and illustrators to contribute to DC content.

A press release said the milestone was set to address the lack of color superheroes in comics as well as the lack of color storytellers to create content.

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