Mom says a Kansas City complex accidentally emptied all of her belongings and her townhom lost a total of $ 32,000.

Myron Guthrie dropped out of her Kansas City townhome over the weekend to pick up a winter coat for her kids. Instead what he found was an empty house. Looking at the two-bedroom apartment, it seemed that his family of three had never lived there. From furniture to refrigerator food, toys, toothbrushes, paperwork to legalize his business, even birth certificates and social security cards are all gone.

“I went there and it was nothing, like it was absolutely nothing,” Myron told the shed room by phone. “At first, I don’t know what I thought. I still ran upstairs to see if my belongings were there. “

An empty house

The 25-year-old said he stood around for a while. He was shocked, but when reality hit him, there was also confusion. There were no signs of a break-in at his townhome. So, the first person he called was his mother, who asked him about getting a letter or notice from the leasing office at Gateway Plaza Townhomes. He didn’t get it either. At this point, Mairhon said she was screaming and crying. He recorded a video of the place and made some friends facetime, still in disbelief.

“… I didn’t call the police because I wasn’t forced into my home,” Mairhon said. “I already felt that my apartment complex was shady, I just knew it was them.”

About a week ago Myron last saw his townhome decorated and inhabited. She and her two children were at her grandmother’s house about 30 minutes away. Like many people, she does a full-time job while relying on her elders to help take care of her four-year-old and two-year-old children. She saves time and sleep by spending one or two nights at her grandmother’s house throughout the week. She worked overtime shifts and left about three days before she returned after picking up the kids from Grandma.

Contact the leasing office

He first tried to contact the leasing office last Saturday – the same day he entered the nightmare. Given that the lease office was closed, he left them a voicemail. Until Monday, he was waiting outside about 15-30 minutes before the leasing office opened. He described the initial attitude towards him from the two employees as “extremely fired” and “super mean”.

Staff told him to call the police, but Myron insisted they were responsible. A few hours later, after conversations with multiple employees and his mother joining him, it was found that Mirohan was OK. The office made a clerical error and called it a “huge mistake.” The office confused his apartment (# 1331) which was supposed to be vacated (# 1341). A third party company was hired to do the job.

Leasing office response

Apparently, the staff told him they could try to compensate him, but couldn’t do so for the gifted items. Staff asked him to email a list of their lost belongings. Myron was not named as the employee responsible or the third party company who trashed his belongings. He emailed the list that day and it was about $ 32,000. Mairhon said he received a response to a question about the list and whether he bought all the items. He responded but never heard from them or received any offers of comfort until a local news station ran his story on Tuesday evening.

As of Wednesday, Myron Gateway has broken its lease on Plaza Homes and plans to move into a new apartment on Monday. He has found a lawyer to help mediate the situation, but further steps are still in development. She didn’t tell her kids about their old townhome or their belongings, but told her four-year-old to go home and play with her toys.

“I literally didn’t understand where to start,” Myron said.

Shed Room could not contact the leasing office to confirm the report. However, Fox4 parent company Seldin has received a statement from the company that they are working towards a solution.

This story was originally taken from Myron’s Facebook post.

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