Music has revealed the cause of death of Frankie Lance, the mother of Kishia Cole

Kishia Cole Mom Frankie Lance Died in July, and now, the Almeida County Coroner’s Office has provided the cause of death.

TMZ reported that an autopsy revealed that Lance, 61, died of multiple drug overdoses and that it was an accidental overdose.

Lance was going through decades of war with addiction. In February 2020, he tested a rehabilitation facility.

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Frankie’s brother Sam The celebrity told the news outlet that she was extra at her home in Oakland where she was celebrating her birthday. In February 2020, Lance tested a rehabilitation facility.

Frankie Kishya was a regular on the BET reality show Kishia Cole: My new life In 2006. The couple had many heart-to-heart moments with Cole famously being very vocal about fighting his mother’s addiction.

Following the death of Lens, BET issued the following statement:

“We are saddened to hear the news of the death of our BET family Frankie Lance. Our viewers first met and learned about” Kishia Cole: All in “as the father of Kishia Cole and many more unpublished projects including” Keshia Cole: My New Life “and “Frankie and Nephe.” Viewers also go to see first-hand Frankie’s trials and tribulations, when he fought addiction and when he tried to mend his relationship with his daughters. To give a lot and will be missed by many.

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