Naya Rivera’s family won a big victory in the case of wrongful death

The path for has been cleared New RivieraThe family will sue Ventura County for wrongful death after the singer died while taking a boat trip on Lake Peru with her three-year-old son in July 2020. Jose.

According to RadarOnline, Ryan Dorsey, The Joy The star’s ex, claims the county failed to provide adequate security for Rivera and their son before their boat trip last year. The county denies the claims and asks a judge to stay the case. A judge rejected the request, allowing Dorsey to sue for potential millions of dollars in punitive damages.

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In her lawsuit, Dorsey claimed that the boat was “not equipped with a securely accessible ladder, adequate rope, an anchor, a radio or any safety measures to prevent swimmers from detaching from their boat.” No, and the person who rented the boat to his ex did not warn him to wear a life vest, which the county denies.

Last November, Rivera and her son rented a pontoon boat for a day trip to Pirun Lake. A few hours after they left, her son was found sleeping alone in the boat with Rivera nowhere to be found. An extensive search was launched and his body was eventually recovered. Investigators found Naya and her son swimming, but she did not return to the boat. His son said he threw him into the boat but then he disappeared.

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