NBC Canon pays HBCU student debts after graduation Music

Nick Cannon Seven HBCU students are making their lives a lot easier when they graduate.

The actor and show host announced on his nationally syndicated talk show, Nick Cannon show, That he is providing relief for student loan o relief for soon-to-be grades. The students explained on Canon’s show the obstacles they face in their struggle to earn a degree.

Of NC A&T Christian Carnegie He overcame his inability to learn to accept Greensboro at HBCU. Mackenzie Streep He promised to do three things to pay for tuition at St. Augustine University. Sharandika Midcalf There was no place to stay and the school counselor told him that he did not have a GPA for college admission. He now attends Winston-Salem State University.

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Canon told the students, “I am so inspired by the story of all of you and the obstacles you have overcome that I need to help.” “Once you get your college degree, we’re erasing your personal student debt. Every penny.”

In conjunction with the Thergood Marshall Fund and the United Negro College Fund, students will pay the canon ts after they have earned their degree.

Carnegie went on his social media to thank the event that changed his life.

“I can’t thank you enough!” Corneg wrote on Instagram. “You are an inspiration to many, especially in the media world! It was a life-changing experience that gave me the opportunity to continue my education and move on to graduate college! Thanks “

Canon himself graduated from Howard University and has previously supported HBCU grades on his TV shows. Wild-N-Out.

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