NC Lieutenant Governor LGBTQ calls on people to resign after saying ‘dirty’

Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina Mark Robinson He is facing pressure to resign after a video was released describing the LGBTQ community as “dirty”.

Video, which was first shared by Progressive Advocacy Group Right wing watchThe Republican vice-state executive shows Asbury speaking at the Asbury Baptist Church in Sigrov during a visit in June.

“I’m saying it now, and I’m saying it, and I don’t care who likes it: there’s no place for these problems in school. There’s no reason for any child anywhere in America to talk about heterosexuality, homosexuality – any filth.” He said. “And yes, I called it dirty. It’s not going to happen until the people of God stand up and make various demands, which started those schools.”

In addition to the offensive “dirty” remarks, Robinson also established the use of the term “transgenderism,” which GLAAD states typically use by transgender activists to make the word trans.

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Robinson’s spokesman John Wesley Wa Said in an email NBC News That lieutenant governor’s remarks “point to education.”

“Issues surrounding transgenderism and homosexuality should be discussed at home, not in public education,” he said. We must focus on reading, writing and math in North Carolina. Our students have struggled with these issues even before the epidemic. Our primary focus is to help our students succeed, not the issues that should be discussed at home. “

When Robinson was pressured into whether his critics had a reaction, Waugh said, Robinson “recognizes the constitutional right of every person or the way he can express his will.”

He added: “He will fight and defend the rights of Lieutenant Governors and all citizens for all North Carolinas. His comments were about education in the classroom, not about people from the LGBTQ community.”

Numerous state senators have called on Robinson to resign, calling his remarks discriminatory.

“There’s no debate here. It’s open discrimination. It’s completely unacceptable,” Sen said. Jeff Jackson, A Democrat from North Carolina’s 37th District – including Charlotte, Partial tweeted. Mark Robinson should resign.

Rajya Sen. Willie Nickel, A Democrat representing the state’s 1st District, including Raleigh and Durham Robinson called for his resignation.

Nickel tweeted on Friday (October October), “I stand with the LGBTQ community and hope you will join me in condemning this hate speech by the most senior Republican elected official in our state.”

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