NC teachers resign after telling black students that the US Constitution has ‘protected’ them from being enslaved

A charter school teacher resigns after telling black students that if they are not in the U.S. Constitution, they will be slaves to his field.

The racist remarks came during a Constitution Day English lesson at Winterville Charter Academy in North Carolina in September, local station WITN reported.

Parents told the media that the teacher had taken their children out alone.

“He raised his hand during a constitutional reading and reminded them that if it was not for the constitution, they would be his slaves. Slaves in his field, ”he said Kanisha Tillman, Whose child was in the eighth grade classroom.

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In a memorandum dated 2 Sep, parents whose children were in the classroom, the principal Anastasia Ryan The teacher’s “racially insensitive lesson” and confession to rape by other students in the classroom.

The memorandum states that the two “racially sensitive words” were reportedly used by several students “without appropriate redirection and with inappropriate feedback from the teacher”.

“The teacher supported his resignation and will not return to campus,” Ryan said after an investigation.

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Shortly afterwards, news of the incident spread on social media, prompting some people to post angry comments.

“Why would any black family send their children to your school?” A post says. “You let them be raped and allow them to throw racist obscenities and stereotypes at them. Don’t be shy! “

According to WITN, angry social media reactions prompted Ryan to send a second memo on October 5th.

“As soon as we were informed about each incident, we took immediate action. The result was the resignation of a teacher and the involvement of disciplined children according to the handbook of our parents and students, ”Ryan wrote.

The memorandum continues, “These situations concern us as well. Our school culture is built on acceptance, love and respect for serving all children and their families.”

Ryan further revealed that another investigation is underway into a student making racially insensitive remarks.

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