Neha Dhupia has some tips for new moms in town

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi became parents again last week as they welcomed a baby boy into their family. The actress has returned home with the baby and has already started work. In her exclusive interview with the Bombay Times today, the actress revealed about being a mother for the second time and what every new mom in town should remember.

In the interview, the actress talked about how she returned to work on the sixth day. He told BT privately that he had been shooting some commercials from his home. Speaking about going to work, the actress said that going back to work soon helps with postpartum stress.

Neha Dhupia said, “Postpartum is an issue that I still don’t see enough women or new mothers talking to. I think people should reach out to people about this. Anything you see on your body after delivery can trigger it, once your baby is out you are so hollow or left out, breastfeeding all night or not being able to sleep or not knowing what to do when crying baby in your arms. These are the ones I am aware of now and so I am not letting them bother me.

Neha Dhupia

She also gave some new tips to new moms and she said, “It is very important to praise yourself as a mother and I think every new mom should do this when you look at yourself in the mirror just admire your body that gave life and Don is hard on himself So whether you have stitches or stretch marks or a few inches around you … it’s your own, because no one else can do what you have done. Isn’t that cool advice now? Angad has made the name of their baby boy empty, but has not decided on the final name.

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