Neighboring Virginia Black Family plays monkey voices and racial obscenities with speakers. National

A black mother and other residents of a Virginia Cool de Sac are sick and tired of their neighbors, who hear monkey noises and racial slurs from speakers inside her home.

According to WAVY, Janic Martinez He uses his cell phone to record racist audio that he plays when his family is out.

“Whenever we would get out of our house, the sound of monkeys would start, and it’s very racist and it’s disgusting,” he said.

Despite allegations to the police, authorities said they could do nothing because no crime had been committed.

Martinez suspects it was retaliation after he complained to police about loud music coming from a neighbor’s house. He said offensive neighbor Selim Lakes plays a specific song for each family in Cal de Sac when they are out.

For Martinez and his kids, he makes monkey noises and racial slurs.

“My son is afraid of him. Terrified, terrified. N-word situation … They came up to me and said, ‘Mom, what is this?’ I didn’t put my kids under it. I didn’t think they would ever know what that meant, “he said.

Harassment includes round-the-clock surveillance from at least eight cameras installed in his home.

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Virginia Beach police said they have responded to several complaints about the neighbor but cannot stop racist behavior.

A Statement posted on Twitter On Sept. 2, he said, “As horrific and offensive as the neighbor’s behavior is, the city’s attorneys and Virginia magistrates have determined separately that Virginia law has not reached the level defined as criminal conduct.”

Martinez said it made no sense that authorities would not be involved unless his family was threatened with bodily harm.

“People should not live like this. I spent 11 years in the military. My husband is also in the military. We have fought for this country, but there is no one to fight for us yet, ”he said.

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