Netflix responds to Dave Chappell and confirms that his comedy special will not be removed

# Roommates, following in the footsteps of various critics, and Dave Chappell himself responding to the controversy, Netflix has finally revealed its position on the award-winning comedian’s latest stand-up special “The Closure”. According to a new report, Netflix has sent a memo to employees confirming that it will not remove the “closure” or end a long-standing relationship with Dave Chappell.

Lywood Hollywood Reporter reports that Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarados has sent a memo to all current Netflix employees regarding the Dave Chapel controversy – and he has not only made it clear that there will be a stand-up special “closure”, three Netflix employees (trans employee Terra Field). Including, who publicly criticized Chappell) was also suspended for attempting to crash a company meeting that was only for high-level employees.

Sarados’s memo reads as follows:

“I wanted to follow up on‘ The Closer ’- a recent special from Dave Chappell – as many of you have followed QBR by asking Tubby what to say to your teams. It never feels good when people are hurting our colleagues in particular, so I wanted to give you some extra context. You should be more aware that some talent will join a third party and ask us to remove the show the next day, which is not what we are going to do.

Chappell is one of today’s most popular stand-up comedians and we have a long-term contract with him. His last special, ‘Sticks and Stones’, is also controversial, our Most Viewed, Sticktest and Most Award Winning Stand-Up Special. Like our other talents, we work hard to support their creative freedom – although this means that Netflix will always have content that some people believe is harmful, such as ‘Cuties,’ ‘365 Days,’ ’13 Reasons Why, ‘or’ My Unusual Life. ‘

Many of you have asked where we will draw the line of hatred. We do not approve headlines on Netflix designed to incite hatred or violence, and we do not believe that ‘closure’ crosses that line. However, I admit that it is difficult to distinguish between commentary and loss, especially the stand-up comedy that exists to raise boundaries. Some people find the stand-up industry exciting but our members enjoy it and it’s an important part of our content.

In terms of our commitment to inclusion, we are working hard to make sure more people see their lives reflected on screen, and that representative communities are not defined by a single story. So we are proud of titles like ‘Sex Education’, ‘Young Royals’, ‘Control Z’ and ‘Disclosure’. Externally, especially in stand-up comedy, artistic freedom is clearly a different standard of speech that we allow internally because the goals are different: to entertain people versus to maintain a respectable, productive workplace.

Today’s conversation was timely in the world of entertainment. These are difficult and uncomfortable problems. We all come up with different values ​​and perspectives so thank you for being part of the conversation because it is important that we are clear about our operating policy. ”

You will recall that Netflix and Dave Chappell have a very lucrative and long history, as the comedian signed a very lucrative multi-million dollar deal for stand-up specials, especially for streaming services, and “The Closer” was his final project under that deal.

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