Netflix’s co-CEO has doubled in support of Dave Chappell and ‘The Closure’ – “Adults can watch violence, assault and abuse or enjoy stunning stand-up comedy”

# Roommates, the ongoing drama surrounding Dave Chappell and his controversial Netflix specialty continue, and the co-CEO of Netflix has more than doubled following his previous Chapel support. In a new statement, Ted Sarandos made it clear that Netflix not only stands firmly behind Dave Chappell, but that the company fully supports the right of anyone to watch what they like.

Reports Variety has sent another lengthy memo to Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, Dave Chappell and staff members regarding his latest stand-up special ‘The Closure’ – and if critics assume he will back down after a report by hijra workers. , They are certainly wrong. In the memo, Sarandos said, “We know that many of you are angry, frustrated and hurt by Dave Chappell’s recent decision to keep the special on Netflix … Adults may see violence, assault and abuse অথবা or enjoy stunning stand-up comedy. By. “

He continues to discuss and compare other controversial Netflix titles:

With “The Closer” we understand that the concern is not about something offensive but about headlines that could increase real-world damage (such as further marginalization of already marginalized groups, hatred, violence, etc.) Last year, we heard the same “365 days” And concerns about violence against women. While some employees may disagree, we firmly believe that on-screen content does not directly harm the real world. The strongest evidence to support this is that on-screen violence has increased dramatically in the last thirty years, especially with first-party shooter games, and violent crime has dropped significantly in many countries.

As we have previously reported, Netflix has publicly stated that it has no plans to remove Dave Chappell’s ‘The Closure’, with news spreading that the company’s transgender employees plan to walkout on October 20th.

In response to the growing response, Chappell recently said that “I like it if it’s canceled.”

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