New Orleans school bus driver demands arrest of women who dragged her off bus and jumped into harassment

A New Orleans bus driver is demanding the arrest of three parents who dragged him off a driving bus and jumped him in front of horrified students.

Fox 8 reports that a woman is already in custody with the incident, which was captured on tape. The New Orleans Police Department said Ketandra Goods was one of three women who dragged Andrea Anderson off the bus and charged her with assault because they were outraged at a bullying incident.

The identities of the other two women were not found. “It was horrible,” Anderson said. “They came to the bus. They pushed the other students you know by the side and threw them down.”

Anderson said that when he dropped the students off at a bus stop, the parents were waiting for him. In a cell phone video from a bus passenger, you see the parents on the bus face Anderson.

Parents were then seen dragging Anderson off the bus when they started hitting and kicking him at the bus stop, next to a bus full of students.

“You know but you came to a bus stop with your childish mind and decided to fight a school bus driver like I’m not going to charge because hey, I want all three of them in jail,” he said.

Anderson said he is recovering from a fight injury and is hurt by what happened, but is still planning to return to work.

“I love my job. I just want to go back because it’s a good time for my kids, ”he said.

The school bus company Anderson did not publicly address the incident for which it works, and the New Orleans Police Department said the case is still under investigation.

As for Goods’ fate, he faces charges against a school bus driver over batteries, unlawful disruption to a school, and contributing to a teen’s crime.

We will keep you posted on any updates.

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