Ney Lex speaks of adjusting to his ‘new normal’ life after Gray Greg’s death

NeNe leaked Giving her fans a brief update after her husband’s death, Greg Leaks.

Taken to his Instagram store on September 16th, ex Atlanta real housewife After losing a battle on Wednesday (September 1), the star opened his mouth about how he had to “adjust to my new life, my new normalcy” after Greg’s death. The Daily Dish.

While driving, he said, “I’m just trying to adjust to this new life and this whole new normality of mine.” You know, recent events. ”

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The TV personality further said that he has been welcoming viewers and trying to get out and when he can.

“I have good days and bad days but … yes. They say it’s normal,” he said in the video. “Some days I’m up, some days I’m down. Today I think going to the salon was so good. No. I usually let people come to my house, so today I decided to drive to the saloon and actually sit in the saloon with other women. And it was good to be around other people. ”

The leaks also uploaded a selfie photo on Friday (September 1), in the caption of the post: “Push.”

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He returned to the Linethia Lounge, his bar in Duluth, Georgia RHOAOf Cynthia Bailey And Marlow Hampton Was present and Lamar Odom.

“Thanks to all of you who are showing love and throwing away gifts! I love you and I love gifts! Please make me work wisely because I am high and low! “Trying to adjust to my new routine so I don’t always have to be present right now.”

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