Nice pushes Nash’s daughter during her attempt at TickTock’s scholarship prank

Chile, the tickling challenge and joke at the moment is floating like weeds in the backyard of an abandoned house. Spotlight’s latest joke involves a little lying and lots of adventure. Hollywood actress Nissi Nash recently showed her Instagram followers what happens when your mother is two steps ahead of Bokachoda.

So, why dare? Well, if our adults have taught us something, storytelling is unacceptable. And that’s exactly what the Scholarship Prank needs. TickTock users tap their parents or grandparents to help them earn thousands of dollars in scholarships. Usually, it is a college scholarship.

Parents or grandparents sit next to their scholarship applicants. During filming, applicants usually begin to describe their inspiration or the hardships of life. Then, they dropped a bomb. By far the most popular is “My mother / grandmother was a prostitute.”

The responses are far from average. Some parents and grandparents even add lies in the hope of helping their child. Others return to that “no storytelling” mentality and immediately get upset and sometimes quarrel.

Nish’s daughter Dia Nash recently tried her hand and tried to make fun of her mother. Dia, who is pictured spitting at Nice, looks like a closet on camera. Nisi is seen jerking against the wall of the hill in the background, while Dia sits on a nearby sofa.

First, Dia introduces herself on camera, then she invites Nisi to do the same. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities – Los Angeles, California. Then, Dia jumps straight into it.

“Basically, my mom had to work really hard to grow up,” Dia says as Nisi continues to organize Dia. “And she actually did a lot of prostitution.”

Almost immediately, Nisi’s head explodes and he looks at Dia’s phone. Dia tries to keep the moment of looking back at her mother twice.

“Yeah, he actually was … they were thanking Thangs,” Dia says.

Nisi doesn’t miss a response “But how did you know, who told you, your father told you that.” Her facial expressions that sell flip flops of the script and send Dia into a humorous melddown.

“It’s not ridiculous,” Dia replies in a serious tone.

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