Nick Cannon snatches cellphones from his twins after Maria Carrie says no

Nick Cannon Sharing a memory on his upcoming show, Nick Cannon, Premiere October 11, how he took parenting into his own hands with his ex-wife Maria Carey.

Ex-couple twins, son Moroccan And daughter Monroe, And Nick revealed that for their tenth birthday, he bought their mobile phone even though their mother opposed the idea.

“My oldest twins Rock and Roe wanted a mobile phone when they were 8 years old,” he told viewers in a special clip. People. “I was for it but Maria was, ‘Uhh they’re not going to Google us, they know about all their new siblings, nor are we playing.”

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He continued, “I honored it at 8 o’clock but then we made a deal and said at 10 o’clock they could get it, [but] Maria still didn’t say. So at 10am, I snatched up and I still got the mobile phone for their birthday.

Canon said at the twins’ birthday party he decided to gift them their phones without Kerry’s knowledge.

“We had this amazing party by leaps and bounds, their friends came, it was so amazing. Then [when] It was time to open the gifts, I was like ‘I’m going to leave these here and tell your mom I’ll be back,” she recalls with a smile. “Maria is still mad at me today.”

Watch the clip below:

In June 2021, Canon and DJ Abby de la Rosa welcomed twin sons Zion Mixolidian and Jillian Harry. A few weeks later, Canon and Alyssa Scott gave birth to son Jane. In December 2020, Canon and Brittany Bell gave birth to a baby girl, named Powerful Queen.

Bell and Kaman’s son Golden’s parents – Mao.

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